The Process

STEP 1: The Need

Understanding why the event has to happen ensures that we plan to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations. In this step we learn about your objectives and key outcomes.

STEP 2: The Strategy

Is this event part of a wider campaign? Is it part of an overarching communication plan? How are you going to communicate key messages to your audience? We can help you develop all of these concepts. However if you’ve already got this covered, we will focus on bringing your ideas to life.

STEP 3: The Brief

A great brief is the key to success. It includes objectives as well as boundaries, and usually includes a budget. It may include ideas, and it will definitely guide us to the outcome that you want.

If you’re not too sure on how to form your brief, we will work on it together.

STEP 4: Ideas

The fun part! At Wise Connections we love getting creative. If you’re looking for imaginative solutions and ways to impress your audience then you've come to the right place.

This is our opportunity collaborate with you to develop a theme and create something truly marvellous.

STEP 5: Planning

Our team never leaves anything to chance. Our meticulous planning and detailed project management ensure that we keep your event on track, on time, and within budget, and results in an awe-inspiring occasion.

STEP 6: Communication

It’s why we do events. Events communicate your brand, tell a story, and convey a message. We ensure your key messages are communicated all the way.

We work with you to create or understand your message, ensuring your branding is consistent and as obvious or as subtle as you like.

STEP 7: LIVE event

This is it, it’s finally HERE! Your moment to shine. After developing your ideas, translating your vision, planning and preparing all details including ‘what ifs’… your event finally happens! You can relax and know that the event is in exceptional hands. At Wise Connections we’ve got your back, every step of the way.

STEP 8: Post event

While you're enjoying the accolades for a job well done, we like to take a few minutes of your time to have a quick de-brief session with you. We like to know what worked well, the success of your event, if there is anything you’d like to change for next time and then wave fond farewell, for now at least…

STEP 9: Future

At Wise Connections we create long lasting partnerships with our clients. If your event was a one-off then we understand it’s nothing personal. However, if you want us to continue to create memorable events then we will ensure our friendship continues and we’ll always be there for you!

For more information on any of our services, please call us on 03 9885 6566.