Virtual Conferences

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Not just another zoom call !

  • Surprise your audience
  • Work your PD program around your community's busy schedules
  • Engage your virtual delegates through live chat, Q&A sessions, interactive polling, meeting hubs, and face-to-face coffee conversations
  • Invite expert speakers to present at your event in spite of travel or budget restrictions
  • Save precious time and money on cross country travel and accommodation

Virtual conferencing offers great flexibility …
- Stage your conference as a real-time event, incorporating engagement opportunities and exciting announcements.
- Record sessions as on-demand videos for future reference, and for people unable to attend the conference at the live date.
- Welcome delegates from all over the world.

Wise Connections has undertaken significant research to understand the most suitable platforms for virtual and hybrid conferences. Our preferred platforms allow for custom branding, multiple engagement functions, and fully integrate with a delegate registration site to provide a seamless experience for delegates as well as stringent data security.

We work with experienced audio visual partners to provide high quality video and audio feeds from speakers. We work from professional studios to ensure crisp, clear presentations, and can set up temporary studios for the production of hybrid events if required.

With the ability to run multiple live feeds for breakouts, provide on demand streaming services, and host networking hangouts, there has never been a better time to launch your virtual conference. We can’t wait to show you the way!

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