Virtual Exhibitions

Replacing a handshake and a promotional satchel with a live video chat and a virtual briefcase is an exciting new frontier we look forward to exploring with you.

Online exhibitions not only provide the opportunity to share new products, connect with potential customers, and build brand awareness, they are COVID-proof. No more weighing up the risks of locking in a 2021 or 2022 expo, a virtual exhibition is a sure thing.

Ideal for business-to-business exhibitions, and suitable for business-to-consumer events too, online exhibitions range from sophisticated virtual worlds to basic document downloads and chat rooms. Prospecting data is captured from the moment someone registers to visit your exhibition, and with international reach the opportunity for expansion is huge.

Wise Connections uses a virtual platform with inbuilt exhibition tools. Visitors can schedule appointments with exhibitors, ‘drop in’ if an exhibitor is free, or chat an inquiry. Exhibitors can showcase their products and services, display their brand logo, and add personality to their company beyond a simple listing.

Sponsors can be distinguished from exhibitors, with opportunities for brand recognition available throughout each stage of the visitor journey.

Virtual exhibitions are environmentally sustainable solutions that offer time and cost savings for you and your stakeholders by reducing expenditure on travel, booth builds and printed collateral. Delegates and exhibitor staff can continue to complete daily tasks and sales milestones at their desks, while engaging in new conversations online.

And if the need to touch and feel products, and meet people in real life, is just too strong for your market, consider a hybrid exhibition to complement your live in-person event.


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